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Which are the top bloggers who write about initial coin offering?

ICOs have set the internet abuzz with people seeing it as a brave new concept of fundraising, and others fretting about its legalities.

True, there are a couple of countries who set laws in place to stop ICOs from taking place under their authority, but the majority of countries around the world are watching and waiting to see where they go.

It helps to have a reporting feed on what’s going on in the world of ICOs, and there are some brilliant blogs out there covering the subject. These are written by people who have followed cryptocurrency since the early days, who have witnessed the highs and a few lows, and who experts when it comes to seeing how successful ICOs have been so far.

The Finanser

Chris Skinner, the man behind The Finanser, is a financial commentator who has been voted one of the most influential people in banking, one of the Top 40 most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal’s Financial News. Consider Skinner and The Finanser the sober, traditional view on what is unfolding with ICOs.

With his background rooted in the the conventional banking industry, Skinner lends a critical but fair eye on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. His view is cautious, but he’s an avid watcher of how ICOs are unfolding and coexisting alongside more traditional structures. For now, he’s sitting on the fence, but it will be interesting to see what his opinions of ICOs are in twelve to eighteen months’ time.

The Finanser


Hackernoon – the bible for hackers and techies – publishes stories on their own blog, Quora and Medium, so their reach is wide. The blog is made up of independent experts in IT, banking, finance and entrepreneurs putting forward their opinion pieces on the ever-changing landscapes of topics including cryptocurrencies and ICOs. There are people who have undergone successful ICOs, there are sceptics and there are people who are sitting back and observing events.

Hackernoon is a noisy, jostling-for-space kind of blog – but it gives you access to different voices, those of who you like you can exclusively follow.


ICO Daily

A mix between a calendar site and a blog giving the reader up to the minute news on anything relating to ICOs. Here you can check out all ongoing or forthcoming ICOs taking place around the world, you can also read up about different projects and access to the various whitepapers. ICO Daily is a powerful resource for people who are ready to invest in an ICO, or are planning to launch an ICO soon.

ICO Daily


Cryptorated describe themselves as “community-governed unbiased ICO reviews”. So like it says on the tin, expect to read independent reviews on all ICOs that are taking place right now. Each ICO is given a scorecard which facilitates rating each ICO along seven categories: whitepaper quality, product offering, use of blockchain technology, development roadmap, company/team, regulatory compliance, and token sale structure.

So each ICO is rated by the community who know what to look out for in order for investors to make smart choices when it comes to making decisions on where to put money.



Coin Schedule provides the headlines and tracks the activity on major ICO news across the world, as well as supplying an ICO calendar. However, CoinSchedule’s claim is that they “only list the projects worth following and investing”. So if you trust what they say and haven’t got the time to investigate in depth, then CoinSchedule is a great blog to follow.

Coin Schedule

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