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An update on the runaway success of HiP’s world tour!

You may have noticed that Kai’s video diary has been quiet of late. He and the HiP team have spent the last eight weeks on planes and in hotels, conferences, expos and meetings across the globe. And while their passports have taken a battering during their travels in South America, the States, Europe, Asia and Mexico, we’re finally able to get our followers and subscribers an update on the latest news.

The HiP world tour is just about coming to the end and it’s been a very successful and hugely beneficial two months away from the London HQ. The upshot of it all is that HiP is well underway in becoming a reality. Everywhere the team went, there were lines of people queuing up wanting to know more about the project, how the product works, the technical details and the economic benefits that accessible homeownership could have across the world.

HiP as a product has been phenomenally popular with everyone we have met – from the people rebuilding Cambodia to the business leaders and economists at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

So everything that we hoped would happen has happened. Everything is going to plan. And we couldn’t be happier!

Here’s Kai giving his account of the past two months in this video:

A quick recap on what HiP are doing

If you’re unsure about what HiP is about to do, read on…

The property market is in crisis. Houses are unaffordable for most people, and first time buyers are priced out of the market. Those with houses are, by and large, asset-rich but cash-poor. In order to turn some of that asset into cash, they need to borrow from banks and are charged interest for the money that they effectively own.

It’s a closed financial system, and one that really only benefits the lenders. And as the world and its economies change, it’s a system that is becoming more and more obsolete.

Which is why HiP decided to change things. HiP is democratising the property market in order that everyone can benefit. Those people who thought that owning their own property was out of reach can now become a homeowner. Those who already own their home can unleash their property’s equity without having to borrow, sell or lose ownership. Investors who want to put money into property can do so quickly, easily and with far less risk than the current system.

It’s a solution that fits the modern age, and truly highlights how the traditional model of lenders – who are forcing people to jump through unrealistic hoops to get their foot on the property ladder – is well and truly over.

The HiP ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Want to get involved? You can help HiP and benefit as a result by taking part in the early bird HiP token event. This is the first stage of HiP’s fundraiser and could allow you to some huge benefits by getting in early. Go here – https://www.hip.property/ – to get in on the HiP ICO Token Generation Event where you can sign up for special discounts.

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