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HiP in action – How it works For Investors

Join Stuart Eggleston as he takes us through the process of on-boarding and use for investors.

Hi, I’m Stuart – head of product experience and design at HiP.

As you may have seen in one of our other videos, we have been doing a whole load of work on the HiP service design. We’ve conducted user research and used that insight to craft the design of the HiP platform.

Today I’m going to show you some of our work so far and give you a chance to see the experience we are designing for HiP customers.

Specifically this video covers the experience for someone investing in real estate through the HiP platform.

So let’s follow along their journey…

HiP product Demo

Journey walkthrough

We start this journey as a prospective investor visiting the HiP website.

There is some tailored content about investing in property including social proof of investment activity some more information and some testimonials from existing HiP customers.

The key action here is to try it out.

For us at HiP we want to encourage engagement and a sense of play for potential and existing customers. So very quickly I come to a simulator where I can start to play around with investment options through HiP.

We launch the simulator with some default amounts to avoid having to go through a wizard process. Instead, it is all here ready for me to adjust and tweak.

Let’s look at some of these elements…

  • Across the top are the basic factors – how much to invest, in what way and with what risk profile

  • Then I get a choice of investment products – here we show an algo or robo based portfolio

  • I can see the kind of performance that is indicative for these options

  • In the bottom right I can see the profile of properties

  • Lastly I get a view of the investments my portfolio will make in the HiP virtual world – this map area in the middle.


So let’s make some adjustments here…

First I’m going to reduce the risk level.

This adjusts the mix of debt and equity portions for my portfolio. It also updates the projections and the properties the portfolio will invest in.

Now let’s take a close look at those properties…

We’ll zoom in on an area of London in the virtual world. I can see the area and type of property that my my portfolio will invest in and whether it is equity or debt

I can’t see exact addresses to keep that layer of privacy for both me as an investor, and the homeowner.

I’m happy with these settings and so we will proceed to setup this new investment.

I’m led through a simple signup process with a reminder of what I’m signing up for – my investment summary along with details of the fees I will pay in HiP Tokens.


I enter some personal information…

Then I go through an identity check. KYC & AML (Know your audience and anti-money laundering) checks are very important to ensure the stability and security of the HiP ecosystem

My identity is verified. And then my signup is complete.

Here I have another summary – of the transfers I need to make to fund my investment and cover the fees.

I get details of where to transfer the funds and my HiP Token wallet address to send my HiP Tokens.

Obviously if you have your HiP Tokens with us then these tokens could already be available and not need transferring. But don’t worry, if a customer doesn’t have HiP Tokens they just pay the fees in a normal Fiat currency and then HiP will supply the Tokens they need for the transaction.

Offline I make my transfers and then I can see them in my Wallet…

In my HiP account I have a wallet with different accounts for different currency. In this example I have a HiP Tokens account and a Pound sterling (fiat) account. You can also see the historical transactions here with my transfers in and then the transfers out to fund my new investment portfolio.


Let’s jump straight to that portfolio…

And here is my first look at my new investment portfolio. It’s pretty different to most investment websites and that is purposeful. We want to inspire engagement and also keep this content easy to engage with for all types of customer.

Let’s look at some of these elements:

  1. I have a basic summary of my portfolio top left – I see the current value it’s growth and its performance over time

  2. Under that I have a way to explore the properties my portfolio has invested in. I would be able to explore the virtual world and see my investments around the globe – again we only give an indication of the geographical location – not a precise address

  3. Next to that we have the green panel with the debt and equity split of my portfolio –  Here I would explore a detailed list of my holdings as equity shares and as debt provisions

  4. At the end is a reminder of my portfolio’s policy for investing – the guidelines I created.

  5. Along the bottom I get a series of cards of the types of properties in my portfolio – we represent these a little like top trumps so I can see the impact I’m having.

All of these panels are interactive so I could open any of them to get more information and interact with my portfolio in more detail.

We also want to make sure customers are getting the most out of HiP, so we use notifications to bring key opportunities to the customer’s attention.

In my portfolio here I can see I have a new notification about HiP expanding into the US market.

Let’s open that up and get some more details…

This is another way people can invest through HiP – via a managed fund. In this case it’s a way to bring on board the first wave of US properties funded through HiP.

From this step I can jump into more information and then sign up. Obviously this time I don’t have to go through the signup and KYC steps.

So that’s my journey to take out a new investment through HiP.

From here I can keep an eye on my investments on my laptop or desktop and also through the HiP mobile app on my smartphone.

We saw a typical journey for a new investor to HiP and how play and interactivity are key values for us in the service design.

We also saw the innovative dashboard design and how the HiP Token works as part of the journey.

Please check out our other videos including the journey for a first time buyer coming to HiP (Coming soon).

We still have more we are working on as we work towards launching HiP, including onboarding for real our first properties. Keep in touch to get the latest on our developments. And don’t forget HiP Token buyers get early access to product designs and development work.

Thanks for watching.

HiP product Demo

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