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HiP Product Demo – From Head of Product Stuart

Join Stuart Eggleston as he takes us through the process of on-boarding and use for investors, homeowners and first time buyers. This is how we see property banking working

The above video is an example of some of the service design we’ve been working on for the HiP Platform – what will be illustrated here are some of the key elements and the inside that feedinto how the app and the user experience will work for HiP customers.

One of the things that can be appreciated is the status of both the properties that a user might have with HiP, and the investments he might have made. This can be found on the “dashboard”, one of the platforms’ key features. The users house can be seen right at the top, followed by some of his investment portfolios.  

When having a look at “my home”, the user has access to its current value, how that value might have changed over time, and a summary of the user’s ownership position or how much he owns outright as an owner of equity shares. He will also be able to see his goals – perhaps some tasks he has set for himself that will maximise his home ownership.

When jumping into “my ownership share”, the user gets a better breakdown of the extra elements involved in his property. This is divided in sections such as “owner equity”, which enables the owner to see how much his particular share is worth, and his “loan”, where he can both have access to the monthly payments he has been making and pay off some of that loan. The third section is “investor equity”, showing the investor’s portfolios that own the shares the user has sold of his property on the HiP exchange.  

Other features of the app include the users “HiP Portfolio”, which is AI poweredand enables the user to invest in properties across the UK. This gives access to performance data and shows how a particular growth has happened over the last years. Through the HiP Portfolio, the user can action things such as “add funds” or even “close/cash out” that particular portfolio, as well as see how the virtual world comes in – he can actually drill down and appreciate some of those general locations of the properties that his portfolio has invested in. The user has also access to the equity and debt, the split for that portfolio, and the rules accompanying the policy of the investment decisions that that portfolio is making.


HiP product Demo
HiP product Demo
HiP product Demo
HiP product Demo
HiP product Demo

Finally, he can have access to his “wallet”, one of the key elements of the HiP platform for a user. Transfers can be done in either HiP Tokens, which is the unique currency for transaction fees and other charges on the platform, or in Fiat, through which transfers can be done in GBP in this case – with the option of reinvesting it in some of his other portfolios.

We are working towards an alpha release of the HiP service towards the end of 2018, and we’ll soon be signing up perspective first users ready to onboard their properties during the fourth quarter. We are also going to release a number of new videos conceived as detailed walkthroughs for an investor or a first time buyer.  

Make sure you sign up on www.hip.property to keep in touch, and get early access to product designs and the latest news on the developments we’re working on!

HiP product Demo


HiP is the NEW Way
to finance property

HiP Property: Our Aims

Creating affordable financing packages

HiP will change the way property wealth can be accessed and afforded, opening the world of real estate to many more buyers, owners and investors.

Releasing value from their assets

HiP offers a first for home owners, developers, investors and buyers enabling them to take control of their property and the wealth within it.

Offering investment flexibility in high-yield property markets

The property market excludes a large part of the community from being able to buy and invest. HiP unlocks this investment market for all.

Initially, HiP Will revolutionise the world of property for four major markets within this sector:


London property market

“A record number of first time buyers must find at least £500,000 to get a foothold on the housing ladder in London.”  - London Evening Standard, 15th December 2017

Although HiP is not just about London, this headline tells a sad story. Combined with an average £80,000 debt for University graduates in the UK and we have a major social problem. HiP will help solve this by allowing investors to participate in first time buyers' home ownership, bringing the barriers to entry far lower than ever conceived possible before.


To release equity in a property today can only be achieved by either selling it entirely or taking out further debt. Having to pay interest to access wealth that already belongs to you is a deeply flawed model.

HiP will allow people to release equity into their own property bank account on the HiP platform; in multiple currencies and without incurring further debt or moving out of their home.


HiP will allow buy-to-let investors to leverage their entire portfolio to expand their portfolios faster, cheaper and more efficiently.


The HiP platform allows investors to choose from multiple opportunities with incredible flexibility.

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