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HiP Property is being put forward by UKPCCI to help Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan deliver on his election promise to build affordable homes.

The president of UKPCCI has appeared on Channel 44 news, promising to present the asset exchange to the Pakistan finance minister and Imran Khan, as part of a joint intuitive.

London; 24 September 2018: A group of UK Pakistani businessmen and women are pledging to help Imran Khan deliver on his election promise to build 5 million homes to those that cannot afford them.

The announcement on Pakistan language Channel 44 comes after the UKPCCI (UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry), with representatives across Britain, met with London based start-up HiP to discuss how to deliver on such a promise.

The UKPCCI sees HiP as the platform to deliver on Imran Khan’s homes pledge in Pakistan, as stated during an interview with the associations president, Kamran Khan.  

Therefore the UK group are offering a joint initiative with HiP to bring a new way to invest, fund and own properties to Pakistan. The UKPCCI is travelling to Pakistan in November for an official visit to speak with the government on the housing crisis and is promoting a joint venture partnership for this project to the Pakistani Government.

Imran Khan, recently elected prime minister of Pakistan has recently announced that he will initiate a plan to build 5 million affordable homes in Pakistan to enable more people to get on the housing ladder.

Housing and affordable homes is a topic that dominates many political debates across the globe, including in the UK.

HiP was at Davos World Economic World Forum and spoke to world leaders about its platforms and the solutions it can provide to the housing market, and consistently speaks to people who are in need of a better way for the real estate markets, across the world, to function.  

At the same time as the above, HiP signed its first territory licence deal with another countryThailand. This is a major benchmark and demonstrates HiP’s cross border capabilities and adaptiveness in business model – to fit and align with any country’s needs. HiP’s Thailand deal backups  Imran Khan’s ambitions, and equally demonstrates (via the Thailand plans launching early next year) that it is indeed possible to recycle the top 1% wealth in such a way the poorest and the richest can prosper at the same time.

HiP also met with members of the UK Treasury recently, who showed a keen interest in HiP’s proposition. London councils are already talking to HiP about how the technology can assist with their housing shortages and low home ownership. In turn this could benefit Theresa May’s government to tackle the UK housing crisis and even Angela Merkel, with her refugee housing problems in Germany.

The HiP platform solves a number of problems facing the Pakistani housing market and could solve the issues facing the market by the way it finances property.  By fractionalising properties and the use of an asset exchange, HiP will allow affordable home ownership for those who are struggling to get onto the property ladder. HiP offers a series of technologies whereby first time buyers can live in their house without needing to be able to afford the whole. There will be a lower need for self-financing as HiP enables outside investors to invest housing project.

Additionally, homeowners get to control their own levels of debt by having direct access to the funds in their homes, whenever they need it. Similarly investors can invest in a portfolio of properties without formal ownership. This makes for easier, quicker and more investment into the property market. It enables investors to generate a return on their investment making it an attractive proposition for all.

This more liquid environment of property ownership and investment could power the Pakistani 5 million homes initiative in terms of funding to build and ownership, but is also fit for London and the wider UK’s property problems.

See a low quality grab of the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw7kscDrSL4

To find out more visit www.hip.property

For information on the UKPCCI visit http://ukpcci.net

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