Peer-to-peer lending

HiP has used the peer-to-peer lending model and used it to provide a service available in the property market that has never been available before to borrowers and lenders.


Join the network

HiP has a network of investors, which you can benefit from.

Investing is simple

Investors can invest in commercial and residential property or portfolio with ease.

Better deal for you

You are able to own a house where you can access equity, or even skip payments, with no penalties


What is peer-to-peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending has a few other pseudonyms. It’s also called social financing, P2P lending, and crowdlending. It’s a method of lending money through an online service which matches up lenders and borrowers.

For example, say you needed £20,000 to build a storage unit for your business, you would log on to a P2P lending website, get credit checked and apply for the loan.

On the other side of the equation, countless numbers of investors have split their money into small chunks, sometimes £10 a piece, to be distributed across the network of borrowers – this helps spread the risk.

Most peer-to-peer loans are unsecured loans, however, the largest ones tend to be done for businesses. However, larger loans normally have some form of collateral in the shape of cars, art or buildings.

Peer-to-peer is mainly done online, as it’s faster, cheaper and more accessible. It is seen as a refreshing 21st century alternative to the traditional routes of borrowing and lending.

"Hip has incredible potential. It brings accessibility and transparency to the property market for owners, occupiers, investors and developers, and allows them to take control and leverage the balance of their debt to equity to their own advantage."

Paul Danks,

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

Benefits of peer-to-peer lending

Most peer-to-peer lending is through online services. With the reduced overheads compared to traditional financial institutions, the lending is cheaper, and borrowing earns a greater return, despite most peer-to-peer lending services taking a fee for their service.


Some of the lowest interest rates available

Because they operate solely online, without any of the overheads of large offices and huge staff numbers, lending on a peer-to-peer scheme boasts some of the cheapest rates in town. Depending on the scale of your loan, you could be saving hundreds of thousands of pounds over time.


The loans are at a fixed rate

Banks and credit card companies can change their rates on an ad hoc basis. This means your repayments can change over time, invariably becoming more expensive. With a peer to peer scheme, the rate you receive will remain fixed until the day you make the last repayment.


Application is speedy

Anyone who has sat in a mortgage meeting with a bank will know how long they can go on for. This is not an appointment to set up in your lunch break, you will need to take off several hours. And that’s only the first stage, what follows is many more meetings, application forms and evidence of income, spending and any outstanding debts. With peer to peer lending, you fill a form in online, provide ID and if you pass approval, the money is transferred within a week.


Low fees and penalties

Loans from the traditional institutions are beset with strict rules and large penalties for early repayments or payment default. With peer-to-peer lending, there is no fee for early repayment, and if you are late with a payment, the penalty is considerably lower.


How HiP provides peer to peer lending for the property market.

Ten years ago, it would have been completely unthinkable that a house could be crowdfunded. Today, HiP has shown that by building a network of investors with FCA-backing, they can provide homeowners and business owners the opportunity to access the residential and commercial property market like never before.

What HiP can do for homeowners…/h3>
For homeowners, this is a revolution in buying and owning a house. You can purchase a home that previously would have been considered out of budget. You can organise the purchase of a second home. You can also run a property development business easily and affordably.

What HiP can do for business owners…

For business owners, and anyone looking to expand into the commercial property sector, HiP provides them with the freedom to purchase buildings, offices or workspaces – without the usual limitations and constraints of traditional lending. HiP has opened up a whole new world to anyone looking to expand their business.

What HiP can do for investors…

For investors, HiP provides the easy to access tools needed to make smart investments in residential and commercial property anywhere. You can invest in debt or equity – or both on one single building or a range of portfolios. Our trading system allows you to buy and sell at any time – which gives you, as an investor, freedom, and flexibility never before seen in the property market.


HiP is the NEW Way
to finance property

HiP Property: Our Aims

Reinvent the way you look at property investment

HiP is hugely beneficial to property owners, changing the way we can use bricks and mortar into something with far more fluidity than ever before. It is a debt and equity exchange, with investors all over the world interested in putting their money into property.

Turn Your Property Into a Bank Account

For you, this means a democratised property market; withdraw money from equity without moving, borrowing or losing ownership, use your equity to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, or trade your equity against your mortgage.

Flexibly in the high-yield property markets without limits

We allow you to do all this, and much more, without the penalties, costs and charges that a traditional lender would impose. Whatever your property investment or finance needs may be, HiP is on hand to help you take your next step.

HiP is regulated by the FCA

HiP UK will be regulated by the FCA*

And have an agreed licence for trading in the UK and Europe. *As we go live these permissions are being reviewed.

HiP is based in London

HiP UK is based in London.

HiP's 20+ staff operate from Camden, London. With registered address in Bristol.

HiP is award winning

HiP is award winning

We have won an awards and been shortlisted for more. We came second in the worldwide PropTech Innovation Awards and as Bronze in the Digital Impact award 2017 for “Best use of digital by sector”.

What people are saying about HiP

HiP is creating a buzz in the property world, but especially in the first time buyers market.

"Hip has incredible potential. It brings accessibility and transparency to the property market for owners, occupiers, investors and developers, and allows them to take control and leverage the balance of their debt to equity to their own advantage."

Paul Danks,

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“HiP could solve the UK housing crisis”


Peter Bill,

Author of Planet Property

"It’s a game changer, and a very exciting one."

Sophie Eastwood,

Global board director of Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP) and founder of specialist property PR consultancy, Holistic

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