Investment Property With HiP

If you’re looking into investment property, HiP helps you to not only find your next investment but also look after your current assets by unlocking your property wealth.


Up to date property value info

Search through 35 million price estimates across commercial and residential for UK properties.

Keep track of your profits

Watch how your property and investments grow in value


Full control over your finance

We help you access and control the wealth as your property value changes month by month.

What you need to know about investment property

How do I buy an investment property?

With investment property, it helps to have some experience. Knowledge of the industry will help you work out the areas worth investing in, the ways to minimise your costs and maximise your profits.

What you need to know before you invest

Traditional buy-to-lets would require intensive research in:

– The areas to invest in
– The types of buy-to-let mortgage deals available to you
– Exploring every possible cost to your purchase
– Getting the right tenants for your property and charging the right amount of rent
– Haggling over the best deal
– Having an idea of how hands-on you want to be with the property – or whether you want a third party to take care of the day-to-day work.
– The best way to look after your tenants – so that they look after you.
– How you would deal financially with void periods in between tenants

It’s also worth considering that the right area to invest in might not be in or any way near where you live.

Is real estate investment profitable now?

In short, real estate can be massively profitable – if you know what you’re doing. Traditional investors know that these buy-to-let property purchases will not necessarily deliver huge sums of cash up front, but will provide a great long-term investment.

Is it the right choice for you?

Investment property suits anyone who:

– Has a good understanding of property prices and know they go down as well as up
– Understands that owning a property has its own share of costs in terms of repairs and maintenance
– Prefers the idea of owning buildings than investing in stocks and shares

In traditional property investment, owners would have to have a substantial deposit to stick down – as well as certain income requirements to be accepted for a buy-to-let mortgage.

Owners would also not usually have access to the money within the property – the equity – until the property was sold. Which meant that the rental yield was all that would benefit the investor… until now.

HiP has changed the property investment rulebook. Radically.


How does HiP help with investment property?

HiP has reshaped what it is to buy and own property. When it comes to reaching out for a new investment, our app helps you plot your next move. Our algorithms match a large proportion of UK properties to their last sold value, with graphs of how the value has changed. We use government figures to match against an area’s growth rates for commercial and residential properties


We believe in the power that accessing your equity can yield. Surely, if your property goes up in value every month, it would be nice to use that wealth?

HiP provides the flexibility in financing you need as a commercial or residential property owner by sharing the financial benefits your property entitles you to – without losing ownership.

With HiP, equity is currency…

This allows you to avoid the restrictions, hefty deposits and strict terms of a standard buy-to-let mortgage. Raise money to pay back your mezzanine debt or reduce your senior debt, or even pay your loan interest. You can take out cash to pursue other commercial opportunities and we even allow you to skip payments – without penalising you – if tenancy voids hit your cashflow hard.


And unlike traditional lenders, HiP offers flexibility without penalties. Meaning that you can fulfil your property investment ambitions without the usual restraints. Which means easier buying, owning and investing for everyone.


HiP is the NEW Way
to finance property

HiP Property: Our Aims

Reinvent the way you look at property investment

HiP is hugely beneficial to property owners, changing the way we can use bricks and mortar into something with far more fluidity than ever before. It is a debt and equity exchange, with investors all over the world interested in putting their money into property.

Turn Your Property Into a Bank Account

For you, this means a democratised property market; withdraw money from equity without moving, borrowing or losing ownership, use your equity to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, or trade your equity against your mortgage.

Flexibly in the high-yield property markets without limits

We allow you to do all this, and much more, without the penalties, costs and charges that a traditional lender would impose. Whatever your property investment or finance needs may be, HiP is on hand to help you take your next step.

HiP is regulated by the FCA

HiP UK will be regulated by the FCA*

And have an agreed licence for trading in the UK and Europe. *As we go live these permissions are being reviewed.

HiP is based in London

HiP UK is based in London.

HiP's 20+ staff operate from Camden, London. With registered address in Bristol.

HiP is award winning

HiP is award winning

We have won an awards and been shortlisted for more. We came second in the worldwide PropTech Innovation Awards and as Bronze in the Digital Impact award 2017 for “Best use of digital by sector”.

What people are saying about HiP

HiP is creating a buzz in the property world, but especially in the first time buyers market.

"Hip has incredible potential. It brings accessibility and transparency to the property market for owners, occupiers, investors and developers, and allows them to take control and leverage the balance of their debt to equity to their own advantage."

Paul Danks,

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“HiP could solve the UK housing crisis”


Peter Bill,

Author of Planet Property

"It’s a game changer, and a very exciting one."

Sophie Eastwood,

Global board director of Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP) and founder of specialist property PR consultancy, Holistic

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Frequently Asked Questions


Traditionally, you would apply for a buy-to- let mortgage. Part of the application of this type of mortgage requires a deposit between 25% and 40% of the property’s value. This is perhaps the most difficult sticking point for someone starting off in property. However, HiP can help you get on track with owning your own investment property.


How do you transfer equity from investment property to your primary residence?

The best mortgage for a first time buyer will generally depend on their circumstances, but will inevitably rely on the low bank rates in the UK at the moment – making mortgages relatively cheap.

For those struggling with deposits, there are a number of mortgages at 95% and even 100% to help get you on the ladder.



With property, most investors will be venture capitalists or private investors. There are businesses who join you and an investor up, and there will be costs to use the service as well as any potential risk.

HiP have a pool of investors who are ready to invest at a moment’s notice. With our exchange, we can link people who need finance or extra help in buying property, with other people keen to invest. And it’s never been easier to do.


HiP Interactive Property; Unlocking your property wealth



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