How it Works

There are three aspects to HiP’s technology that allow for this opportunity.

Stage 1 – Red Zone

A real world gamified interface and 3D maps allow users to interact with other users, review local sales data, build online property profiles, select funding packages based on affordability that present investors with investable products. The interface gives easy and intuitive access to highly complex back office processes.

Stage 2 – Yellow Zone

A semi automated on-boarding engine which vets properties before presentation. This engine provides investors with the legal framework including – proof of ownership, investable scenarios, insight into the quality, value and risk of a property, including HiP’s unique contracts permitting properties to be traded. All secured by a trustee and 1st charge over the property.

Stage 3 – Green Zone

An electronic trading exchange that enhances liquidity and order flow. This allows property owners to break up their financial needs into equity and loan units which can be bought and sold on the exchange by investors at a property, city, country, continent and even global level – investing in 1000’s of properties with one click.



Can I get mortgage via HiP?

Yes, in form of an interest-only loan. HiP loans can be repaid monthly in equity or cash. There are no penalties for early repayment of loans or extended loan periods or not at all.

What if I already have a mortgage and I want to benefit from HiP?

You will need to switch your mortgage for a HiP loan. HiP will help in this process.

Can I buy my property via HiP?

Not directly. HiP will help you identify and raise an affordable financial package for your property purchase, which can also include 3rd party investors to reduce your initial cash outlay.

Can I sell my property via HiP?

HiP is not intended as a property sales platform, but you can release equity from your property via HiP.

How do I get my property on HiP? How do I apply for financing?

HiP’s process is simple. 1) Register yourself  and your property on the HiP app, 2) apply for a financial package which suits your financial situation, 3) submit all relevant documents to HiP by contacting HiP via email or phone . After uploading all documents, HiP will start its due diligence process and if successfully passed will list your financial package on the HiP platform for investors to invest.

How long does it take to get my property ready for investors on HiP?

On average 6 to 8 weeks, but always dependent on the responsiveness of the owner during the due diligence process.  

What are the funding fees and do these fees cover all costs?

HiP charges on average a 2% fee for successfully executed transactions. 3rd party expenses incurred during the property due diligence process will be charged to the owner at cost.   

How do I access my equity for cash?

Simply by selling your disposable equity via the HiP platform. You simply put the amount of equity or %-age of equity you want to sell on the HiP exchange where investors will see your offer and either accept it or negotiate the price before completing the trade.

What kind of loans can I get via HiP and what are the rates?

HiP enables interest-only loans at competitive rates.

Do I lose ownership if I sell equity in my property?

No, you simply pass on the economic benefits associated with the amount of equity sold which includes property value changes as well as the rental income if commercial.

What are my obligations towards investors?

HiP will monitor and interact if necessary to assure you meet your financial obligations as well as our property maintenance standards.   

What happens if my property devalues?

Your overall property wealth will decrease and and consequently your tradable equity will be reduced. If you hold a loan, the underlying collateral will need to be increased further reducing your tradable equity.

How do I find investors in my property?

Via the HiP platform you will have access to the entirety of the HiP investor community which will grow as HiP grows.

Will I remain anonymous?

You will if you so desire.

How do I contact HiP?

Via the HiP app or by email or phone. Use the contact us page.

How does HiP prevent investor fraud?

HiP takes several measures to prevent fraud, such as for example a stringent due diligence process, a fair trade algorithm, market & exchange surveillance and appropriate credit & risk management systems.


Why should invest via HiP?

HiP is first in enabling investors to invest in equity and debt individually or as a package suited to an investor’s risk and return appetite without having to acquire the property itself.

What investments are offered via HiP?

Property-related equity and debt investments and combinations thereof.

Who can invest via HiP?

Private as well institutional investors can invest via HiP.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

HiP will initially focus on the commercial market where minimum investment amounts are higher. We have not yet defined what this minimum investment should be.

How do I invest via HiP?

Investment can be done via the HiP app in a few simple steps;  1) register on HiP, b) select “live investments” and c) select offers on the exchange based on your investment criteria. Registration will take you through our onboarding process after which you will also have access to the underlying documentation. Transaction are settled once payments have been received.

How is my investment secured?

Debt investments are secured by the appropriate property equity as collateral. Equity used as collateral is not available for trading. Debt holders have first charge on the property. Equity investments are not secured. Their value moves in line with the property value which can go up or down.

How is the property value determined/calculated?

Property values are calculated based on a combination of sales transactions, the regularly published House Price Index (HPI) and traded prices on the HIP exchange. The app estimates the wealth of your property based on last-sold price, extrapolated by the monthly published, official HPI figures for your area. No property is available for investment without passing the due diligence which includes a human surveyor – at which time you will have an accurate property value.

Does HiP charge any fees?

HiP charges on average 1% to each side of a settled transaction.

What happens if the owner defaults?

If an owner defaults on interest or rental payments HiP will automatically pay out investors in equity at a discounted price, consequently reducing owner’s tradable equity. When owner’s equity drops below a defined value – which calculated based on several risk factors – HiP will take charge of the property and dispose of it in a fair process.

What happens when the property is sold?

Property financed via HiP cannot be sold without the consent of HiP. HiP will assure that the sales process is fair and market compliant.

What happens if the property devalues?

Equity holders will see their investment devalue

When and how do I get my returns paid?

Interest on debt is paid monthly, rental income quarterly.

Do I have to choose individuals properties as an investor?

You will have the option to choose individual properties or a portfolio of properties based on your investment criteria and risk appetite as proposed by the HiP trading platform.

Is there a minimum holding period?

There is no minimum holding period. Investors can decide when they want to get out of their investments.

How do I make payments?

HiP supports all common payment method from bank transfers to credit card payments.

Will I get regular reports of my portfolio performance?

Your investment portfolio is accessible any time via the HiP app and will be updated in real-time when transactions are settled and/or price changes occur.

How does HiP find investors?

HiP app’s viral nature, its unique offering for investors and owners as well as the real-time online exchange will be at the base of a fast growing HiP community ready to invest. The UK market alone is enormous in size.

Does HiP invest as well?

HiP is an enabler, not an investor. It’s neutral towards owners and investors.

How does HiP prevent property/owner fraud?

HiP takes several measures to prevent fraud, such as a stringent due diligence process, adherence to minimum property maintenance standards, regular surveyor reviews as well as no property sales without prior consent from HiP.


Is HiP a regulated company?

HiP Interactive Property UK Limited is an appointed representative of More Lending Solutions Limited which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number: 702503)

The App

Does the HiP app work on Android?

Currently available only on IoS, i.e. iPhone and iPad. Coming soon to Android devices as well.

Does HiP work on desktops?

There will be a desktop version of HiP at some later stage. HiP is app based to take advantage of our unique map interface.

Why have you made an App?

Our mapping interface does not render well on desktop (yet). We felt the map was important to our vision and part of the experience and of course navigation.

How can I apply for financing?

HiP’s process is simple. 1) Register yourself on the HiP app, 2) register your property, 3) apply for a financial package which suits your financial situation. HiP will then apply a strict due diligence process and if successfully passed list your financial package on the HiP platform for investors.

How can I invest?

Investment can be done via the HiP app in a few simple steps;  1) register on HiP, b) select “live investments” and c) select offers on the exchange based on your investment criteria. Registration will take you through our onboarding process. Transaction are settled once payments have been received.

How can I get my property details, documents and visuals onto HiP?

You can put in a request to HiP via the HiP app upon which HiP will get in contact with you to walk you through the process.

Do I pay for the HiP app?

The HiP app is freely available via Apple’s App store. 

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