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How it Works

There are three aspects to HiP’s technology that allow for this opportunity.

Stage 1 – Red Zone

A real world gamified interface and 3D maps allow users to interact with other users, review local sales data, build online property profiles, select funding packages based on affordability that present investors with investable products. The interface gives easy and intuitive access to highly complex back office processes.

Stage 2 – Yellow Zone

A semi automated on-boarding engine which vets properties before presentation. This engine provides investors with the legal framework including – proof of ownership, investable scenarios, insight into the quality, value and risk of a property, including HiP’s unique contracts permitting properties to be traded. All secured by a trustee and 1st charge over the property.

Stage 3 – Green Zone

An electronic trading exchange that enhances liquidity and order flow. This allows property owners to break up their financial needs into equity and loan units which can be bought and sold on the exchange by investors at a property, city, country, continent and even global level – investing in 1000’s of properties with one click.

Better way of financing property

Become a Partner

Our interactive 3D maps coupled with our marketplace and micropayments allow endless possibilities for interaction with numerous property services.

From 3D based Interior Designers, to data service providers, to estate agents, to 3D walkthrough providers we are already creating this secondary marketplace of services and capabilities. Get in touch to talk to us direct.