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This week we had the pleasure to meet the team from Green Towers, based in Frankfurt, to see if we could mutually help each other. Today we thought we would share their concept as it is one of those big ideas which could, soon, be helped along by HiP. And it is amazing.

What is Green Towers? A new model for building residential living in the “Icon Class” of skyscrapers, for big cities. There are many parts to this idea:

  • This design is full of technology and features that ensure that there are almost no heating bills
  • The building costs a fraction of the cost of the one-off iconic buildings – such as the Tulip, the Shard etc.
  • The iconic design and architecture is rolled out many times to many cities
  • Green living is built into the design with every flat having its own mini garden, which also helps with the efficiency of the building
  • The building acts as its own village with amenities in the lower levels for all

In other words the team behind Green Towers have used their considerable experience of architecture, design and planning to come up with an idea that could revolutionise the skyline of the city.

Where then does HiP come into this and why are we talking to the Green team? London is a key area for the towers with discussions happening in several boroughs, as are we. HiP would come in as part of the mechanism for privately funding such a building at the development stage. We can of course additionally help councils and investors to realise some of their capital which is currently locked away in property.  But also, when the building is completed, HiP could be part of the funding mechanism whereby councils, the developer as well as the individual owners could all have a stake in the building or even individual apartments in the building.

We, here at HiP Towers, are also interest as the project fits in with some of our values, namely that property should be for everyone and should be for social good. Because the Green Towers are cheap to build for their size (and you could add status) they become viable as social housing. Again HiP is very interested in funding any enterprise along those lines. More news on this front to come…

View more about the project at http://www.green-towers.de/the-project/



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