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We here at HiP want to enable first time buyers in the UK and beyond to be able to buy the home they need, where they need it. Our method for doing so is by fractional ownership of property which breaks the cycle of one owner vs one lender. Just like Help-to-Buy schemes the owner will put down a deposit and have a loan but there will be a fraction of that property that will be funded by others. In the case of Help-to-Buy its the government that steps in. With HiP and others such as the, as yet unlive, Unmortgage it’s 3rd party investors that step in to bridge the gap.

An article on the real estate market in the US piqued our interest. In short it discussed how the demographics of home ownership in cities is out of sync with political voting and demographics – an idea already discussed in our essay on UK home ownership. The problems with who can and cannot afford property in the big cities around the world is enormous – we think HiP will hold some of the solution.

Read the full article on Curbed:


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