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HiP’s approach to a flexible mortgage is radical, revolutionary and is reshaping the way people own and invest in property.




Receive full access and control over your property finances

No penalties

Never be penalised for late payments or payment holidays

Access to investors

Raise the money from investors to get the property you want.

Access to cash

Withdraw money from equity without moving, borrowing or losing ownership


What is a flexible mortgage?

Many people will be accustomed to so-called flexible mortgages from traditional lenders.
These mortgages allow borrowers to change the amounts they pay off on a monthly basis, so you can underpay and overpay depending on your financial situation at any given point. This might suit someone whose income fluctuates throughout the year. One of the most popular types of flexible mortgage out there is an offset mortgage, or as it’s called in the US, an Australian mortgage. Offset mortgages employ a tactic called mortgage acceleration which allows the borrower to pay off the loan faster than a standard mortgage would allow. Fast repayment of an offset mortgage does not carry the penalties, fees and surcharges that a standard mortgage does. Offset mortgages also benefit the borrower by offsetting a credit balances against the mortgage debt. This reduces the amount of interest on the repayments, as the interest is charged on the outstanding net debt. One of the many packages offered by lenders is something called a current account mortgage – which is used for all transactions, so you can repay your mortgage and buy a pint of milk using the same account.

What are the disadvantages of a flexible mortgage?

While there are aspects to a flexible mortgage that may appeal, there are also certain drawbacks. For one thing, interest rates tend to be higher on these types of mortgages, and getting a good deal would often require having a substantial savings pot – so not ideal for everyone. Flexible mortgages are also really only beneficial to a certain type of borrower. If you prefer having a set amount to pay each month, then this type of mortgage isn’t really for you. These deals only really suit someone who has a particular lifestyle, whose income fluctuates throughout the year. And of course, the main disadvantages of a flexible mortgage is the amount you can do with the mortgage. Because while you can borrow against mortgage overpayments and the equity on some deals, it’s not even close to some of the exciting things that equity can do (…but more on this later). You are also governed by what the banks and lenders think you can afford, and limited in terms of choice.

While termed flexible, these mortgages do not offer any way near the flexibility that HiP’s method of buying and owning property does.

“HiP could solve the UK housing crisis”

Peter Bill,

Author of Planet Property

"It’s a game changer, and a very exciting one."

Sophie Eastwood,

Global board director of Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP) and founder of specialist property PR consultancy, Holistic


So, what is HiP’s approach to a flexible mortgage?

While packages like offset mortgages do provide certain benefits in comparison to a standard mortgage, the HiP approach takes home buying and property ownership to a whole other level. Our aim is for you to access your property wealth – in a way you’ve never been able to do before.

We allow you to access your equity with ease

You can draw on your equity, which will go up monthly, without having to sell your property.

We offer better ways to acess money

Raise the money to buy another property with the help of multiple investors – without needing to include a traditional lender.

No Penalties

You will never be penalised for late payments or payment breaks

We give you access to a new and better way of doing things

Get involved in a wealth cycle, where equity can be taken out of your current property to be invested in an area with faster growing value – and earn money from it.


HiP is the NEW Way
to finance property

HiP Property: Our Aims

Reinvent the way you look at property investment

HiP is hugely beneficial to property owners, changing the way we can use bricks and mortar into something with far more fluidity than ever before. It is a debt and equity exchange, with investors all over the world interested in putting their money into property.

Turn Your Property Into a Bank Account

For you, this means a democratised property market; withdraw money from equity without moving, borrowing or losing ownership, use your equity to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, or trade your equity against your mortgage.

Flexibly in the high-yield property markets without limits

We allow you to do all this, and much more, without the penalties, costs and charges that a traditional lender would impose. Whatever your property investment or finance needs may be, HiP is on hand to help you take your next step.

HiP is regulated by the FCA

HiP UK will be regulated by the FCA*

And have an agreed licence for trading in the UK and Europe. *As we go live these permissions are being reviewed.

HiP is based in London

HiP UK is based in London.

HiP's 20+ staff operate from Camden, London. With registered address in Bristol.

HiP is award winning

HiP is award winning

We have won an awards and been shortlisted for more. We came second in the worldwide PropTech Innovation Awards and as Bronze in the Digital Impact award 2017 for “Best use of digital by sector”.

What people are saying about HiP

HiP is creating a buzz in the property world, but especially in the first time buyers market.

"Hip has incredible potential. It brings accessibility and transparency to the property market for owners, occupiers, investors and developers, and allows them to take control and leverage the balance of their debt to equity to their own advantage."

Paul Danks,

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“HiP could solve the UK housing crisis”


Peter Bill,

Author of Planet Property

"It’s a game changer, and a very exciting one."

Sophie Eastwood,

Global board director of Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP) and founder of specialist property PR consultancy, Holistic

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