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What ICO investment do you recommend?


There are a lot of opinions about what are the hottest ICOs out there right now. We’d much rather you take the time to learn what makes a good ICO – after all, what else would you do when investing your hard-earned money into something?

It’s difficult to not get whipped up by the hype of ICOs, but it’s important to do some thorough research. With so many (around 50 a month at the end of 2017, and with all evidence pointing to this growing exponentially in 2018) to choose from, it’s vital to get a grip on what’s going on.

Look for projects that operate within the blockchain. We’re often sceptical of the organisations that could work well without the use of the blockchain. They could be accused of jumping on the ICO bandwagon, and therefore have a different philosophy to the ‘true blood’ ICOs.

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