HiP provides a better alternative to the old idea of expensive bridging loans. When you need short term access to cash for a property purchase, investment or renovation, HiP allows you to: Find an affordable funding scenario, raise the money needed to buy the property you want from multiple investors, sell equity in your home for cash and much more!




A bridging loan is used as a short-term solution to “bridge” a gap in between the debt and the main line of credit. Here are some scenarios where bridging loans could be used:

HiP Property: Our Aims

Example 1:

You’re in the process of selling your home. In the meantime, you spot a property absolutely perfect for your requirements. But, because of other interested parties, you have to move quickly on. Normally, you would have to wait until you sold your original home to purchase the new property.

A bridging loan allows you to put down the necessary capital until your original house is sold and the finances come through on that.

Example 2:

You have purchased a house that needs a lot of work. There is little equity in the house, so you intend to renovate the home shortly before selling it on. However, you need cash in which to carry out the work.

A bridging loan will provide you with the necessary funds to renovate, and the selling price of the house will cover the loan’s cost.

Example 3:

You are looking to buy a house at auction. The house represents a great deal, but you don’t have the cash upfront to purchase it. A bridging loan will help purchase the property and will bridge the gap between you selling the auction home, or your new home.

Bridging loans have started to become a lot more mainstream. Because many banks and lenders have increased their time on processing some larger home loans, many people have been treating bridging loans as a quicker alternative.

Our issue

Aren’t bridging loans very expensive?

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the concept of bridging loans. In fact, they are often a necessary stop gap that can facilitate a property purchase. However, because they fulfil a role in a very pressing circumstance, they are often at a much higher rate than the actual debt itself. Because borrowers are in need of this short term access to money, they will be at a much higher rate of interest, along with some sizeable admin fees.

Another danger is that if, for whatever reason, you are not accepted for a normal mortgage, you could find yourself in a situation which would see you in danger of losing your home. Financial experts regularly warn potential borrowers about the need to make an informed decision before taking out a bridging loan. And if you are to take a bridging loan, you need a clear cut exit strategy which allows you to pay the loan off as soon as possible. So when it comes to a traditional bridging loan, you should approach with extreme caution.


How HiP changes the whole concept of a “bridging loan”

So, you might agree that in principle, bridging loans are a necessity. However, the high interest rates and extra fees do not make them an attractive prospect. But what if bridging loans were completely different?


HiP offers homeowners the chance to create their own form of bridging loan without the high rates and hefty fees.

When you come on board with HiP, you have access to third party investors who help to reduce the initial cash outlay which would otherwise be covered by an expensive bridge loan.

So, when you need finance to purchase a property as soon as possible, or get hold of capital in order to sell a house at a good price, we can help you access the equity in your home quickly and efficiently.

The advantages oh hip are countless

This means that you can:

–  Trade your equity real time to raise money whenever you need it

– Raise the money needed to buy the property you want from multiple investors

– Purchase properties previously seen as out-of-budget

Be part of the property revolution today – and view the way you handle property like never before.


HiP is the NEW Way
to finance property

HiP Property: Our Aims

Reinvent the way you look at property investment

HiP is hugely beneficial to property owners, changing the way we can use bricks and mortar into something with far more fluidity than ever before. It is a debt and equity exchange, with investors all over the world interested in putting their money into property.

Turn Your Property Into a Bank Account

For you, this means a democratised property market; withdraw money from equity without moving, borrowing or losing ownership, use your equity to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, or trade your equity against your mortgage.

Flexibly in the high-yield property markets without limits

We allow you to do all this, and much more, without the penalties, costs and charges that a traditional lender would impose. Whatever your property investment or finance needs may be, HiP is on hand to help you take your next step.

HiP is regulated by the FCA

HiP UK will be regulated by the FCA*

And have an agreed licence for trading in the UK and Europe. *As we go live these permissions are being reviewed.

HiP is based in London

HiP UK is based in London.

HiP's 20+ staff operate from Camden, London. With registered address in Bristol.

HiP is award winning

HiP is award winning

We have won an awards and been shortlisted for more. We came second in the worldwide PropTech Innovation Awards and as Bronze in the Digital Impact award 2017 for “Best use of digital by sector”.

What people are saying about HiP

HiP is creating a buzz in the property world, but especially in the first time buyers market.

"Hip has incredible potential. It brings accessibility and transparency to the property market for owners, occupiers, investors and developers, and allows them to take control and leverage the balance of their debt to equity to their own advantage."

Paul Danks,

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“HiP could solve the UK housing crisis”


Peter Bill,

Author of Planet Property

"It’s a game changer, and a very exciting one."

Sophie Eastwood,

Global board director of Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP) and founder of specialist property PR consultancy, Holistic

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