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This week Apple announced its leaked to the hilt version of Netflix, but most importantly the AppleCard, which seems to have far less fanfare. But we, here at team HiP, think that this is a game-changer.

Apple consistently delve into new areas and make it their own largely by a better class of product, by centralising offers and by ‘borrowing’ the best of what is out there. The world of music has been changed hugely from the days of Napster, essentially by iTunes and AppleMusic. All it took was a simpler interface and better mode of delivery. People didn’t mind paying for music, but they liked the ease of use of illegal downloads. iTunes in turn made Spotify possible.

The AppleCard is a small step for Apple. Many of us pay with a virtual copy of our bank card that lives on our phone or watch. We have already become used to this interface and no longer fear it. Similarly Apple already offers really rather good finance deals to push its family of products, from phones to MacBookPros. But what is interesting is that the offer does seem to be a good one, with rewards built in and 0% figures all over the place. Just like the financing, Apple is a better brand for consumers than any bank’s who are still under a dark cloud. Perhaps this is why the film delivery side has taken all the press?

HiP, like all the start-ups around me (I am sitting in WeWork) are Mac based. And like most designers of a certain age its been Macs all the way for decades now. But this small step for Apple does take them into the domain of FinTech, which makes things very interesting indeed…

The moral of this story? There are a few:
– The interface matters. A lot.
– New ideas take time to mature and be embedded. We don’t notice the big changes if done gradually.
– It’s all about the brand.

Get the interface right and you can unlock whole industries?
Here is our version of a bank account screen for your property.

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