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One of the principles of HiP is to unlock potential among home owners, commercial owners and also investors of any level. We call this financial freedom, and we believe by unlocking liquidity in a largely illiquid system, we can improve lives. Nowhere is this more important than in the case to build affordable housing, anywhere in the world but especially here in the UK.

So we welcome the news that in the US, there is a merge of minds between technology, construction and new finance methods specifically in order to fix the affordable housing problem.

MetaProp says it plans to invest a total of $5 million in affordable housing startups by 2020, and aim to invest in three new companies by this fall.

Plus there is social good built into the scheme in the form of housing project Enterprise:

MetaProp and Enterprise are collaborating to inject capital into early-stage companies with technology-enabled solutions that have the potential to drive increased housing affordability. [Their] shared belief is that technology can facilitate new business models and opportunities to fundamentally change how supply and demand functions in the current housing market.

Fixing the affordable homes problem will come from the ability to build good homes cheaply where they are needed. There are many interesting projects on this front which are generally classed as #PropTech. But also it is a question of funding these schemes. The big problem is that investors won’t invest in schemes with low returns – when there are other more lucrative investments available. So it is left to the state and to philanthropy to pick up the bill.

A recent NY Times article titled Why Technology Hasn’t Fixed the Housing Crisis says that “Policymakers warn that the housing crisis isn’t a problem technology can solve. Yet it’s intriguing to think what might happen if investors threw money more directly at this goal.”

It is our suggestion that by looking at how these schemes are funded can indeed be solved by #Fintech. It’s not a question of more money – just about using the money available more wisely. Plus making it available proposition for the market.

MetaPropNYC – give us a call. You might remember us from MiPiM.


Read more about this news here: https://www.curbed.com/2019/2/5/18212609/tech-investment-startup-affordable-housing

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