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35 million price estimates across commercial and residential for UK properties.

Just like a bank account, access your debt & equity

Raise money by selling equity or increasing your loan, in real-time.

Participate in the wealth cycle and earn from property

Buy equity and/or debt offered by owners.

See how your property and investments grow in value

Every month your property value changes. We help you access and control this wealth.

Total value

Our algorithms match a large proportion of UK properties to their last sold value, with graphs of how the value has changed.

Official sources

We use government figures to match against areas’ growth rates for commercial and residential properties.

Unlock your wealth

If your property goes up in value every month, wouldn’t it be nice to use that wealth?

Million properties mapped

Million Residential Sales records

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Core App Features


Explore the Market

Your property changes in value over time. Check the estimated growth. See how much value you could access without moving.


Think of your property as a high interest bank account. Use debt & equity as currency & see the power of your property account…

Property Ownership

Take Ownership

Unlock the potential of your property. Claim your property, visualise it and submit your financal intentions.

Docs - Secure Document store

Secure Documents

Our secure store for documents, statements and investor documents. Have transparency over the whole process.

Design your property in immersive 3D


Enhance your property profile. Encourage visitors and investors with interactive 3D interior and exterior views, based on your photos & floor plans.

Local Area Information

Local Area

Our 3D maps allow a whole world of information and services. Get in touch to partner with HiP.